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Cardiology Research

Series of Cardiology Research
Series of Cardiology Research features scientific works related to all the fields of Cardiology. The journal is an open access publication covering significant research works related to disorders of the heart as well as parts of the circulatory system and lot more.
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The scholars can take the help of our open access journal to read, download and use the articles to know about the latest updates and research works in the field of Cardiology. The topics covered by the journal includes Circulatory System, Heart Diseases, Cardiac Arrest, Blood Pressure, Pacemaker, Cardiac Electrophysiology, Cardiogeriatrics, Echocardiography, Cardiac Imaging, High Blood Cholesterol, Bradycardia, Cardiac Examination and many more.
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Our journal covers articles related to Cardiology. This scientific journal is extremely beneficial for research scholars who want to be well-informed about the advancements related to heart and parts of the circulatory system. Submit your manuscript to publish with Series of Cardiology Research.

About Journal

Series of Cardiology Research is a peer-reviewed, open access journal available on the website of SeriesScience, which aims to publish only original research works and clinical studies. This journal welcomes manuscript submissions related to Circulatory System – the study of the organ that permits blood to circulate, Heart Diseases – the study of disorders affecting the heart, Blood Vessels – the tubular structures that carry blood through different organs and tissues. Our journal is not only limited to these topics but it focuses on any well-researched topics related to Cardiology.

SeriesScience stands at the forefront of updated and newest development in the field of Surgery, Cardiovascular System, and clinically tested medicines. Our vast journal includes few of the following subjects

  • Circulatory System – It deals with the study of the portion of the lungs that pumps away the oxygen depleted blood from the heart.
  • Coronary Circulation – It is the study of blood flow in the vessels.
  • Coronary Artery Disease – It refers to a group of diseases affecting the heart.

The journal also engages with the study of irregular Heartbeat, Cardiac Arrest, Disorders of the Heart, Vascular System, Valvular Heart Disease, Congestive Heart Failure, Blood Pressure, Heart Attack and more. All our finely researched articles deal with the occurrence, the remedies and the risk factors related to the Cardiovascular System.

Since we focus on maintaining a high standard of articles on our website, all the submissions that we get goes through the rigorous peer-review process. After the approval, the article is published in Series of Cardiology Research.

SeriesScience welcomes direct submission from prospective authors. You can submit your manuscript online or can attach your manuscript and send us an e-mail.

From Editor's Desk

SeriesScience aims to bring a change for the scholars by publishing original research works related to science. All the articles published by us goes through rigorous peer-review process and then only it is presented and unveiled in front of scholars and researchers. We are totally focused on covering the developments and advances in the scientific world.

Series of Cardiology Research has a vast scope for all scholars and researchers. The well-researched articles published under Series of Cardiology Research covers news and recent articles related to the structure and functioning of the heart. You can check our journal for articles on Circulatory System, Heart Diseases, Vascular System, Coronary Circulation, Cardiac Arrest, Disorders of the Heart, Irregular Heartbeat and anything you want to know about Cardiology. Be it Congestive Heart Failure or Heart Attack, you can take the help of Series of Cardiology Research for solving any queries.

For us, the growth of science matters the most. Following the same rule, we are working towards the betterment of the scientific research works. We not only check the authenticity of the manuscript submitted by an author but we also edit and polish the same before publishing, so that the scholars and researchers get the best quality articles. From the submission of a manuscript to publishing a polished article, we do it within a very short time span.

Our journals are open to all. People coming from low-income countries, who finds it difficult to access and read scientific articles, can join our platform to complete their research. This is an initiative to spread scientific awareness across the world.

Series of Cardiology Research

Journal Name : Series of Cardiology Research
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Frequency : Monthly
Pub. Start Year: 2019

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