Open Access

Open Access

The term open access denotes to the research works that are available without any restrictions on use. Open access journals can be availed through paying for the Article Processing Charges by the authors or research scholars or the academic institutions in order to give free access of the published articles under a respective journal to the readers. Open access gives the right to use the published articles for any lawful purpose without the involvement of any financial terms or legal binding or technical obligations.

The open access publication concept is nothing new in the publishing industry. The sudden change has taken place due to the support from the educational institutes, government, research centers, and other funding agencies. In the publishing industry, open access has gained the momentum slowly.

The articles published in any of our journals are available to readers without the involvement of any charges. The open access is made possible by the Article Processing Charges paid at the time of publication by the author or any institute or any funding agency. Once the article is published, it is immediately made available to the readers for the purpose of reading, downloading and distributing. However, it is to be noted that the respective author will retain the copyright of the article.

Open access publication is an initiative to expand the knowledge base and the development of science. It is a way of bringing the authentic unrestricted scholarly literature and data to the readers for free. In the recent past, before the introduction of open access publication, the scholars of renowned universities were finding it tough to access specialized literature due to the high cost of subscription fee. Therefore, it became a necessity to bring a complete alteration in the accessibility of literature to work properly in the fast technologically changing environment.

SeriesScience International helps the researchers to use the published articles by removing any barriers. Although the advantages of open access are obvious, the dispute involving the peer-review process is an ongoing argument. Many efficient scientists are raising doubts regarding the quality of the published content owing to the belief that the peer-review process is not severe enough in open access publication. However, SeriesScience follows strict norms related to the acceptance of an article for the journals. Our peer-review process starts with an author submitting a manuscript. It goes through plagiarism check and data authentication before it is processed further. This process is completed by our Editorial Managing Team.  Once the Editorial Managing Team finds the quality up to the mark, an Editor is assigned to the manuscript. The Editor checks the manuscript and assigns reviewers based upon their expertise in the respective field for review and comments. If the reviewer thinks the article is good enough to match the standards set by SeriesScience, it is processed for the final round and is sent to the Editor for final approval. The Editor checks the article and reverts with the decision. If the article is approved by the Editor, we waste no time in publishing the article.

If you have queries regarding open access policies followed by SeriesScience International, kindly send us an email. We will get in touch with you within one working day.

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