About Us

The platform we have created gives the authors a chance to spread their reach. This platform offers everyone the foundation to go forward. If growth as an author is what you are eyeing, we can offer you the required push.

Who Are We

SeriesScience International is an open access publisher which aims to promote science and strengthen the scientific community by providing free access to all the articles present in its database.

Our Mission

To turn our vision into a reality we have made decided to offer a publishing system which improves the quality of the scientific journals and research papers. 

What We Do

Through our dedicated team of experts, we help the emerging/ upcoming scientific community by giving the right insight about publishing. 

We are focused on offering authors an effective and reliable source of learning. We value education and thus we make it a point to have the best possible team of editors and reviewers working with us.

Our key objective is to make online learning an easy task. Following this, we have committed ourselves to publish only high-quality scientific articles which will ease the learning difficulties for scholars and researchers across the world.

Our passion is our driving force. We opt to offer only the best because we work with only the best. It is the commitment which SeriesScience offers that makes them one of the best online learning partners of the world.

You will find a diverse range of journals and research papers on our website. From technology to medical, our website encompasses everything required for complete research and learning assistance.

If you choose to work with us, you will get end-to-end support from our team. Series Science offers editing assistance, typesetting, publication guide, indexing, and other publishing solutions. Our sole mission is to offer the scholars an educative boulevard, which guides them ahead and makes their progress easier.

The journals that we publish have a readership of more than a million people. Scholars and researchers alike trust our journals because they know we offer accurate and in-depth information.

Series Science is inclined to help the readers acquire the scientific articles that are considered rear and difficult to find. To assist them in this endeavor we make ourselves available for communication with clients and lend our assisting hands to make their educative journey a pleasant one. Get in touch with us, if you see our service befitting your requirements.

As a service provider to science enthusiasts, we have set out eyes on the task of building our team. This is why the emphasis is given to the people, who have proved their ability to handle critical tasks including editing and publishing assistance when we employed our team.

We pride ourselves on being able to be the collaborative publisher of research papers. Our work begins with the assessment of articles. We believe that a great goal can only be accomplished when the preparation is great.

Checking the authentication of the data is the task which we take up at the beginning stage. After we are satisfied with what we have acquired through our painstaking research and thorough exploration, we work our way deeper into the subject. The depth of the topic is measured for the purpose of getting the best articles published.

We are known to offer the best competitive price. The manuscripts Series Science publishes come for a nominal price. We have decided to keep our charges affordable because we have always followed a vision of a place which will enable the scholars to exchange information easily. Series Science offers equal opportunity to every individual.  Due to this reason, we have paved the way for everyone with the unyielding drive to learn. Affordable cost is the result of our aspiration to make essential study material available for every student.

SeriesScience publishing platform has been created to give the authors a chance to spread their reach. This platform offers everyone the foundation to go forward. If growth as an author is what you are eyeing, we can offer you the required push.

The back end team of Series Science stays continuously in touch with the authors who have submitted their manuscripts. They make it a point to address all their needs. They also extend their assistance every time an author finds themselves in the state of indecision. By doing this we have succeeded in creating a convenient environment for the authors.

Our Vision – We follow the vision of a platform which opens to the authors the way to move ahead and spread their knowledge across the world. Our vision is to make open access peer-reviewed journal publishing beneficial and available for both the authors and readers.

Our Mission – To turn our vision into a reality we have decided to offer a robust publishing system which improves the quality of the scientific journals and research papers. These papers will eventually improve the quality of education. To simplify the matter, our mission is to offer a platform which provides a quality education system.

Our 6-S process


SeriesScience selects the best and the most informative scientific manuscript from the list of thousands of submission.


The highly qualified editorial managing team will analyse the authenticity of the manuscripts.


To enhance the quality we edit, design and polish the manuscript through our peer-review process.


Based upon the review the final ‘Yes’ for publishing is established by the Editor.


We pass out the news of acceptance to the author before publishing.


The polished article is rapidly published and displayed followed by the final nod from the Editor.