Frequently Asked Questions

The main benefit of publishing your article with SeriesScience is you can retain the copyright of your work. Your article will also gain huge visibility. For more information, please visit our ‘Benefits’ section.

The journals in the website of SeriesScience are financed by the Article Processing Charges received from the author’s end or academic/institutional sponsors. Article Processing Charge is solely taken to maintain the regular expenses undertaken for the maintenance of the journals. Our community consists of qualified researchers, academicians, students and others experts across the globe. All our journals are free for our community members. Neither SeriesScience receives any charges related to subscription nor a funding from any institution or organization.

The Article Processing Charges vary for different journals. For more details related to Article Processing Charges, please get in touch with our Editorial Office. 

No, the processing charge varies depending upon the type of article.

Yes, SeriesScience International has annual membership options. For more details about the fee structure and benefits, please visit our ‘Membership’ section.

The practice of providing unrestricted access to all the available articles in our journal through our website is known as Open Access.

The copyright of the published articles remains solely with the author. However, if someone else also holds the right to use the article; the user needs to acknowledge the respective author while doing so.

You have the freedom to choose the journal in which you want to publish your article. To know more, please visit our homepage.                                                                                                  

You will find all article submission related guidelines under ‘Author Guidelines’ section in the respective journal. In case you have any other queries, please feel free to send us an email.

To know and understand the scope of a particular journal, you can go through the ‘Aims and Scope’ section on the homepage of respective journal.

Yes, you can check the indexing and archiving of all our journals. For more details, please visit our ‘Indexing and Archiving’ section on the homepage of the journal.         

SeriesScience International accepts and publishes all types of research, review articles, case reports, short communications, letter to editors, editorials, etc. You will have to meet the specified guidelines while submitting the manuscript.

We don’t have any page limit but an Editorial article should be less than 2000 words.

To know about publication ethics, please go through the Publication Ethics section.

Online colour production is free. No charges are levied on the authors for online colour and length of the article. Charges are applicable only when the author requests for reprints.

Yes, you can order reprints. A reprint can be ordered during the final publication process commonly known as the galley proofing.

As per the internal policies of SeriesScience, the author has to request for special discount after the submission of the manuscript. If the handling editor recommends the manuscript for discount, a reduction on the Article Processing Charges is provided to the respective author. However, we provide automatic discount for low-income countries defined by World Bank. You can check if your country is enlisted in the list of low-income countries. In both the cases, the author needs to submit enough documents to avail the waiver.

SeriesScience International has a dedicated online system for every author. An author can view the status of the submitted article in a particular journal through the online system directly. The author can access their profiles by simply logging in with their credentials and check the status of their manuscript.

We have a panel of expert editors and reviewers. All the submitted articles go through an independent peer-review process. The editors and reviewers focus mainly on the quality of the content, the research work and the presentation of the data. Please visit our ‘Peer Review Process’ page for more details.

A Special Issue is an issue that consists of articles that focuses on topics of increasing interest which are within the scope of the journal. It is an additional issue other than the regular one which has a set frequency of release. The processing charge for Special Issue is different from a regular issue. For further details, please visit the Special Issue section on the homepage of respective journal.

All the submitted articles need to go through a peer-review process. You can expect your manuscript to be published within 45 days.

DOI is a string of numbers, letters and symbols used to permanently identify an article or document and link to it on the web. SeriesScience assigns DOI to all the articles that are published by them. A DOI will help your reader easily locate a document from your citation. Assigning a DOI to each cited reference ensures that a persistent link to the work is included for reading.  

No, we do not have any charge for manuscript submission. The author will be required to pay the Article Processing Charge only when the manuscript is accepted for publication.

You can simply visit our ‘Contact Us’ section and fill the form for any queries related to SeriesScience International and its publishing process. Also, you can send us an email, we would be more than happy to help you.