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Mycology and Microbiology

Series of Mycology and Microbiology
Series of Mycology and Microbiology features scientific works related to all the fields of Mycology and Microbiology. The journal is an open access publication covering significant research works related to study of microorganisms and lot more.
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The scholars can take the help of our open access journal to read, download and use the articles to know about the latest updates and research works in the field of Mycology and Microbiology. The topics covered by the journal includes Fungi, Decomposed Organisms, Mushrooms, Microbes, Bacteria, Ethnomycology, Mycotoxicology, Bacteriology and many more.
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Our journal covers articles related to Mycology and Microbiology. This scientific journal is extremely beneficial for research scholars who want to be well-informed about the advancements related to Microorganisms. Submit your manuscript to publish with Series of Mycology and Microbiology.

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Series of Mycology and Microbiology is a peer-reviewed journal available on the website of SeriesScience that aims to publish well-researched articles closely related to Mycology and Microbiology. From this journal, the scholars can expect to gather information concerning the study of Fungi which includes their biochemical and genetic properties.

We aim to focus solely on the study of approximately 70,000 identified species of Fungi. You will get to explore relevant topics on Fungi which causes infection in the human body. Also, the study on Fungi which are medically proven to be beneficial for humans. You can gather information about the Microbes and Fungi that have a predominant effect in our daily lives.

Our open access journal welcomes topics related to

  • Fungal Genetics – The study of the mechanisms of heritable information in fungi.
  • Mycotoxicology – It deals with the study of toxins that the fungi produce.
  • Medicinal Fungi – It is the study of medically significant metabolites produced by fungi.
  • Pathogenic Fungi – The fungi that are responsible for different diseases in the human body or other organisms.
  • Microbes – The single-celled organisms that are too small for naked eyes.
  • Microscopic Fungi – Eukaryotic, heterotrophic microorganisms.
  • Fungi which are found in the environment and are extremely beneficial.

We publish articles dealing with the mentioned topics but are not limited to only these. We intend to bring up all the necessary topics giving out proper information about Mycology and Microbiology. Our journal is highly receptive of scientifically researched articles and has a vast collection of informative articles for the research scholars.

SeriesScience welcomes direct submission from prospective authors. You can submit your manuscript online or can attach your manuscript and send us an e-mail.

From Editor's Desk

SeriesScience is a platform where one can get reliable articles related to the most recent development in the world of science. Our huge collection covers the trending news and advances taking place in the scientific domain.

Series of Mycology and Microbiology feature articles which pass on information about Fungi, Decomposed Organisms, Bacteria, Archaea, Viruses, Protozoa, Eukaryotic Microorganisms and lot more. The journal aims to cover areas closely connected to the branches of Biology. One can study the critical aspects of Microbiology in our journal. We are trying hard to bring informative articles related to Mycology and Microbiology to the scholars to solve their queries and to guide them in further research works.

As we put a strong emphasis on the enhancement of the scientific research works, we follow a rigorous peer-review process before turning any manuscript into a published article. We follow a process of quality check, authentication check, editing, polishing and submitting the final draft for publishing. Since we believe in eliminating any gap between the scientific literature and the researchers, we publish an accepted manuscript within a very short time span.

Researchers or scholars belonging to low-income countries, who find it hard to afford the latest research works related to Mycology and Microbiology, are welcomed to our platform. These scholars can easily avail our journal to boost up their scientific knowledge. We encourage spreading scientific awareness across the world. 

Series of Mycology and Microbiology

Journal Name : Series of Mycology and Microbiology
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Pub. Start Year: 2019

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