Why Publish with SeriesScience?

SeriesScience values each author submitting a manuscript. Our editorial managing team takes especial care to read and understand each manuscript submitted to us. We extend our support to each author by coordinating with them continuously. This helps us in maintaining the guidelines as well as the quality of the manuscript. We at SeriesScience not only follow the guidelines of COPE but there are number of reasons to publish with us.

  1. To publish your article, SeriesScience gives the freedom to explore from a diverse range of journals. All our journals are open access. Once your manuscript is approved by the editors, it will be online for everyone to view and download.
  2. Getting acknowledged is easy when you are choosing us as your publishing partner. We circulate your articles through the big names in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Scribd and through well-known indexing databases. Our promotional strategies promise to bring hundreds of views and download.
  3. Our publishing process is hassle free. If your manuscripts are not proper, SeriesScience gives you a chance to revise and submit again.
  4. SeriesScience offers you the best quality Open access for all your manuscripts. Our expert editors have years of experience in the same field. SeriesScience only includes professionals who have the ability to handle and manage tasks individually. The high standard of review process assures to deliver only top quality for all your papers.
  5. We believe in acting fast. As soon as your manuscript is accepted, we make sure to publish it in our journal. Once you submit your article, it goes through strict peer-review check and as soon as we get a go ahead from the expert panel, we don’t waste time and we publish it immediately.
  6. With us as your publishing partner, you immediately become an active member of the network of experienced authors, avid readers and passionate editors.
  7. While publishing your articles in open access, you will retain the ownership as well as the copyright of your work. If anyone wants to use your article, the person will have to acknowledge your contribution.
  8. Within 45 days of your submission you will see your article published and circulated.
  9. We also make sure to share the feedback on the effect of articles that you submit.

Open Access

Open access in simple words means that readers can access your articles published under different journals. Any reader with internet can read and download your articles anytime they want. Open access offers a better reach and much broader audience. It has been observed that articles published in open access reaches the readers at a much better speed than those published via non-open access. The articles published through open access are widely circulated in sites like Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. This not only ensures wide viewership but also promises thousands of downloads. We also submit the published articles in different indexing sites.

Retracting and Withdrawal  Policy

All the journals go through strict scrutiny according to the guidelines set by COPE. Once we assign an expert editor to check your work, they reserve the right to decide which article has to be published out of all the articles submitted. While checking the articles, the editor keeps strict measure of copyright and legal issues and also plagiarism issues. Once the article meets all the set guidelines, we publish it immediately.

Articles that have been published under a particular journal remains online for an infinite period. Once approved, there won’t be any change in the articles, it will remain unaltered but under some circumstances, a particular article needs to be retracted or removed from a journal. This happens very rare but it should not be taken lightly.

The circumstances under which retracting or withdrawal policy is followed:

Article withdrawal or retraction – In case an article breaches any ethical code the article is withdrawn from the journal.

  • If the author has submitted the article in multiple platform
  • If the article is plagiarized
  • Unethical use of data
  • Unreasonable claim of ownership or copyright

In such cases the editor reserves the sole right to decide what to do with the article. The editor can decide to withdraw the article from the particular journal.

Article removal – In case the editorial team finds any tampering with data, or use of false or inaccurate data, the article will be removed immediately from the journal. This sort of practice from the author’s side is not accepted and will be treated with strict action.

The main objective for such actions is to maintain sheer honesty and publish the correct information related to any journal.

Managing Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of interest takes place when any outside issues related to the objectivity of the manuscript arises. These types of issues can occur anytime, during the experimenting phase or during the research stage while the author is writing the manuscript. It might even take place during the publication process of the manuscript.

This sort of conflict may not stop the article from getting published in a journal. The review process might still be continuing. However, a declaration of possible conflicts will make it easy for the author to work and the editor to review.

Conflicts related to Authors – If you have any biased notion involving your manuscript, you should declare the same while submitting your article. Otherwise, it will create a problem for the editors.

The editors can ask you to make certain changes. This is not done to disrespect your notion, but the editor will try to protect you from unreasonable criticism. If you are hesitant and don’t want to declare about your bias concept, remember if it is found out after publication, then there will be more problem. Conflict of interest can lead to retraction of your article from the journal.